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Corporate Moves, Inc.

Executive Search, Recruitment and Succession Planning


Whether you are the person looking to hire new talent or you want to be the new talent; we have the talent, experience and ability to find what you need. We work for companies and facilities that require top performing professionals in Senior Level Management: CEO, President,Vice President, General Manager, Sales, Marketing and Senior Scientist positions.

Our searches are primarily in Senior Management level Biotech, Medical, Scientific, Industrial and B2B markets. Within these areas,we focus on Engineered Products, Research, Surgical, Disposable and Durable Medical Products, Capital Equipment, Plastics, Industrial Products and several highly technical specialty markets.

We're here to help you become more successful.

We offer personalized,confidential services. We don't outsource your Searches, we personally work the Searches for our clients. The person you explain your needs to is the person who does the work for you; we listen to you and we recruit the talented people you want to hire. You can be assured that the confidential information you share with us remains with us, our professional approach ensures that the reputation of your company is protected and the Candidates we recruit feel safe and protected as well. 

Hiring is critical for every company; let us make your job easier by finding you the best talent for your company. 

We value your time; we achieve the results you need and want quickly and effectively.

     Call us when it's time to make a change. 

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